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Once upon a time and long, long ago, there lived a young wife and mother who loved to create beautiful things.  One day she was inspired to write a children’s book.  And so she did.  She was quite pleased with the little book and felt that both adults and children alike would also find joy and delight in it.  A few attempts were made to  publish the little book so that it could be shared  with others.  But time after time the little book was rejected. She too felt rejected.   ‘It will some day be a series’, thought the young woman. But try as she might to continue to write, It too, failed.  So the young wife and mother decided to put the little book on the shelf.  She had laid it to rest along with her passion and desire to see it come to fruition.  

Year after year the young wife and mother tried to make other things beautiful as the little book sat forgotten upon the shelf.  Many years passed and the young wife and mother had now grown older and her nest was now empty.  One day, not long ago, the older wife and mother felt that same inspiration as she had when young and decided to clean off the little book and resurrect it from it’s dust covered grave.  As she did, the passion and desire also returned along with an even bigger vision of the destiny of the little book she Called The Plumpest, Purplest Grape.

I’m Dawn Trappen, that now older wife and mother.  I’ve recently come to discover that the little book I wrote 29 years ago was not only the first book (with a bit of tweaking) but actually an outline of the whole series that would become Kingdom Valley Fables. I also discovered that  the main character in the book, Francis, a self - reliant grape, has been a striking resemblance of myself.  There are many whimsical characters that pass Francis’ path as he journeys through Kingdom Valley trying to make his way back home to the vineyard after twisting himself off the vine. I too, like Francis am on a life long journey . I guess the book and series couldn’t have been shared without having more time for walking it out.

Here are a few things I discovered along the way:

The destination is Love.

It takes a lot of overcoming to perfect that Love.

Life has many paths, but it ultimately comes down to a fork in the road; one way will lead to life and one way will lead to death.

Bad things can happen to good people and seemingly good things can happen to bad people.

There are a lot of detours that keep us from that destination.

The journey can be long, hard, and bumpy with many hills and valleys.

The journey may not look the way you think because of many twists and turns.

You can’t take the journey alone.  Travel companions are a must.

It’s a beautiful journey if you take the time to laugh, rest to replenish, and at times stop and smell the roses.

You can’t see in the dark.  It’s best to travel in the light.

Gratitude and  patience are great staples to carry along the journey.

The view is clearer when you are up higher.

Travel with the knowledge that you are loved.